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We have a choice, either to be the greatest heroes in the history of life on Earth – remembered for longer (probably forever) than any other generation before for having made the effort and raised ourselves in time to heal the world around us, or we can be the greatest villains in the history of life on Earth – remembered for longer than any other generation before (and probably forever) for having sat on our hands and done nothing while the consequences of both our action and our inaction destroyed the natural world

 Dr. Roger Payne


We Care About the Future of Our Planet

For the past few years we have been trying to get a shark fin importation ban in Canada. For one reason or another this has failed.

This year Fin Donnelly, MP for Coquitlam B.C. has once again introduced a private members bill that would ban the importation of shark fins. Fin has been a long time advocate for our oceans.

Private members bills are not often adopted, however, an attempt in 2013 failed second reading by only 5 votes.

I am petitioning the Government of Canada to adopt Bill C-251 as a Government Bill. For this to be considered I need signatures from Canadian citizens.

Please share this. A lot of us around the world are working very hard to stop the decimation of the shark population and protect the health of our oceans. Whether you like sharks or not, they are vital to our existence. In the time that it took you to read this close to 200 sharks were killed for the fin trade.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

The petition can be found by clicking on the logo below.







This is a link to the petition in support of Bill S-238, recently introduced to the Senate by Senator Michael MacDonald. Please sign and share. One way or another we will get this done. Let's make a difference Canada! Stand up for Rob Stewart, his work, and the planet.

Update May 17th 2017

Today was the second reading of the Bill in the Senate. Present were Brian, Sandra and Alexandra Stewart. It was a very powerful and compelling speech by Senator MacDonald.

 Read the full speech here

 Learn more about Bill S-238 here

Update June 20th 2017

Very inspiring speech by the Senate critic, Senator Rosa Galvez

Please read her response to the Bill here

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